Martian vs Gravity and My Thoughts

To see a movie, I like to go to a cinema that has like 20 theaters and stadium seating.

But lately I’ve been branching out and seeing movies in the tiny theater in my little town. It only shows two movies at a time, and the lobby area is pretty cramped, but hey, movies are under $10 at night, and a matinee is $5.

The Intern: Hathaway finally does it

Went with a friend a couple of weeks ago to my small town’s tiny two-theater cinema, with its non-stadium seating but its awesome prices ($5 for a Sunday matinee! Yes, in 2015!). We saw The Intern, with Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway.

Foyle’s War: Escape to England

foyles war

(photo belongs to Use link below to access.

Sitting out by the pool today, which looks beautiful thanks to my pool service. (if you are in Orlando, you might wanna check them out.) visit site
My mom introduced me to a TV series called Foyle’s War, produced by the British Broadcasting Company. She sent me one DVD, which has five or six episodes on it.

Cooks Come Out on Top

My gosh, could any woman equal Meryl Streep when it comes to acting ability? She is one gifted woman in that department, for sure.

Italian Escape: Why I love it

There’s a movie I own that I watch every once in a while, and I love it all over again every time.

It’s called Under a Tuscan Sun, starring Diane Lane. You can see the latest about her here. First off, I’ve always liked Diane Lane. She pulls off characters that are real and complex, and she does it so easily.

Books, Love and You've Got Mail

meg ryan movies

OK, so probably my all-time favorite movie is You’ve Got Mail: You can see what I'm talking about here. Yeah, it ranks even higher than the Lord of the Rings. Which is saying a lot.

Why? Well, for five reasons.

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