Foyle’s War: Escape to England

foyles war

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My mom introduced me to a TV series called Foyle’s War, produced by the British Broadcasting Company. She sent me one DVD, which has five or six episodes on it.

I watched the first one with my husband and son, and they were snoring within the first five minutes. I’m kidding. Not quite that fast. But by half-way through, my son, who is 16, was back on his phone immersed in one of his typical ten ongoing group conversations and alternating that with a skateboard game.

My husband was at the time fixated on online poker, so he got out his phone and disappeared into that world, leaving me to watch the rest of Foyle’s War alone. Suffice it to say, that was the one and only time we watched the show as a family.

I, however, loved it. And when I went up north to help my mom and her hubbie move, we spent every night that week decompressing from the day by watching an episode of Foyle’s War. It was the perfect end to every day. I could stop relating to people, stop talking, stop thinking, stop working, stop pretending that my divorce wasn’t happening and that I was fine—and just lose myself in the world of Detective Foyle.

Foyle—I think his first name is Andrew—is a detective in the years during which the First World War happened. He lives in England, is widowed, and has one son, who is a pilot for the British Airforce, or whatever they call their equivalent, which I can’t remember at the moment.

Foyle is quiet and just a bit dour. Rarely cracks a smile. Is not ever the life of the party. Is not a whole lot to look at. (Well, he’s definitely not ugly, either. He has a very pleasant face. He’s just not a George Clooney or Brad Pitt sort.) And he’s always, always, in brown: brown pants, brown shoes, brown overcoat, brown hat. You could really just call him Mr. Brown.

But he always—and I do mean ALWAYS—cracks the case. I guess Foyle’s War is just your classic detective show, set in England during the war. Come to think of it, he reminds me a LOT of that old, old show called Columbo. Or that show that’s not quite so old, but still old, called Monk. Both Columbo and Monk were very quiet guys, unobtrusive, not particularly good looking, but with razor-sharp powers of observation. Just like Foyle.

Have I already said that I love detective shows like this? They pull me in and I am lost in those worlds for the hour. With Foyle’s War, being set in England, and everyone having British accents, it transports me not just into a mystery but also into a world that is rich and fascinating just by virtue of where it is and who lives there.

I have moved since watching the first episode and I don’t have a TV yet, so I can’t enjoy this show on a nice big screen, but soon I’m going to pop the DVD into my computer, stretch out my legs and rest my feet on my desk, lean back in my work chair, and escape to Foyle’s War. Just for an hour.